I purchased a Groupon voucher and used it to purchase 3 items. My total was $10 more than the voucher, so I paid the difference with my credit card.

Two of the rugs were identical and were both defective. Rugs USA contacted the maker and then issued a return shipping label directly back to the maker. I picked 2 new rugs, which cost exactly $10 less than my credit for the defective ones. After arguing with 2 people, including a supervisor, they still refused to refund that $10 difference back to my credit card even though its the same amount I paid originally with my credit card.

They also didn't want to let me use LESS THAN the value of the voucher and forfeit my $10 balance. They wanted me to order something else that costs at least $10 (as if they have a rug for sale for that amount) so then I would have to pay them even more money! I searched for a rug that costs close to $10 and found some that showed the smallest size costs $12. When I clicked on it, the price was actually $15.

Bait and switch! I argued for 5 minutes before the supervisor finally agreed to "let me" forfeit the $10. How gracious! As if all that is not bad enough, I checked the reviews of the rugs I had returned and sure enough, the one-star review that I wrote has been deleted.

It was definitely there a couple days after I wrote it and now that it's deleted, that rug has a perfect 5-star rating. How disgustingly dishonest!

Review about: Rugsusa Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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